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Application of Zhongke's "AIoT edge computing embedded software" in smart meter reading

Release time:2022-09-05 15:56:58

Zhongke CT-UNITE's third-generation NB-IoT module is based on the design of the underlying architecture of the open CPU Hongmeng lite OS. This module is between the SaaS "Water Division Meter Reading System" and the device sensor collection. Mature products and AIoT edge embedded software that have been commercialized on a large scale after years of research and development and market validation. Professionally used in various types of sensors for remote data acquisition and lightweight maintenance management. As a bridge between the "Water Division Meter Reading System" and the acquisition sensor, this module is compatible with various voltage, current, and digital sensors, and can be plug-and-play and automatic verification by cloud programming; at the same time, it supports edge image recognition. It is widely used in meter reading and billing fields such as water and gas meters. Zhongke will continue to launch edge computing technologies such as "Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM)", which will be applied to the State Grid, natural gas pipeline analysis and energy management.


基于鸿蒙lite OS架构NB-IoT模组

The cloud programmable operating system is abbreviated as PTC OS (the English abbreviation of Programmable technology in the cloud). , IO logic programmable distribution and edge computing technology, etc., AIoT embedded software development of IoT devices can be completed through cloud programming.


Cost advantage:

The main board design of terminal meter reading and measurement products has changed from the original traditional three-core architecture "MCU+Flash+NB-IoT module, with two independent units to complete internal processing and external data interaction" to the current "based on HiSilicon chips mature. The Open CPU capability of the MCU will take over the work of the MCU, and the terminal design will evolve from dual-core to single-core.” The cost is lower, the peripheral materials are reduced, and the PCBA cost is reduced by 20%.


                                            (Open CPU方案省去MCU+Flash)

Performance advantages:

    The smart water meter and gas meter PCBA developed based on the third-generation NB-IoT module of Zhongke's open CPU, compared with the traditional solution of using two independent units of MCU+NB module combination, the terminal product design of its open CPU single-core architecture The advantages are more obvious:

    1. The overall performance is better: the long-term working power consumption is reduced by 30%;

    2. The quality is more stable and reliable: due to the reduction of components and interfaces, the product quality is more reliable and stable in a high-humidity water environment;

    3. Service function optimization: Combined with Huawei Hongmeng Open Harmony OS ecosystem to achieve remote automatic maintenance and automatic calibration.

    4. Information security: The "AIoT Edge Computing Embedded Software Algorithms" and module products have been reviewed and put into storage by the "Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee of China Electronics Industry Standardization Association" (referred to as Xinchuang Working Committee).