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CT-Unite releases a number of SiP encapsulated UAV dedicated communication chip solutions

Release time:2023-02-04 11:05:07


The CT-Unite team has developed a series of SiP package chips for consumer, industrial and military UAVs, which can also be used in the field of remote wireless bridge and security. Three series of these chips have been launched simultaneously, namely CT-9008B, CT-9004B and CT-9002B. 


Uav research and development, manufacturing and application is an important indicator of a country's scientific and technological innovation and manufacturing level, and will also become an important industry supporting China's economic development in the future. Driven by the strong market demand and broad development prospects, its application is increasingly extensive; The core and key technologies of UAV are also quietly changing. The development direction of long-distance, high bandwidth and miniature head HD image transmission and low cost and miniaturization is the highland that the major UAV brand manufacturers are fighting for.


After many years of development, China's civil UAVs are in the international leading level, whether it is electronic control, electric regulation, brushless motor, high energy battery, Beidou navigation, computer vision and machine learning technology. And small size, low power consumption, low cost, long distance, high bandwidth, low time delay, super anti-interference communication module and miniaturization, light weight, high pixel miniature yuntai camera are the core technology node that our country needs to be broken through in the future. However, the core chips of these two technologies, CMOS sensors and high-performance RF Transceiver, have been occupied by Japan's SONY and America's ADI. The CT-Unite launched SiP encapsulated RF system integration solution, which perfectly solves the miniaturized application scenario of high integration and low power consumption.



The chip integrates SOC/FPGA, Transceiver, PA, LNA frequency filter, switch, GPS/GNSS, PMU and other digital intelligent antenna algorithms as one. Using the latest advanced SiP encapsulation technology, it can meet the modular performance configuration in different fields and provide more flexible cost choice. It will be mass-produced and delivered in March 2023, with the lowest market price ranging from $5 to $300.



Technical features:

It supports anti-interference algorithm of communication in complex urban environment. Support smart antenna tracking algorithm; Integrated with the most advanced gallium arsenide (PHEMT) electron migration transistor power amplifier. TX OPWER: 25dbm~36dbm optional, operating temperature 175℃, junction temperature 310℃ with high precision single mode/dual mode dual-frequency GPS/GNSS positioning function.


Technical index:

lThe communication delay is less than 5ms, and the throughput rate is 1.5Mbps to 100Mbps

lSupports 720p, 1080p, 4k and higher HD image transmission

l1T1R and 2T2R are optional

lOFDM modulation, frequency band 2.3G~6GHZ

lThe modulation bandwidth is 1M, 5M, 10M, 20M, 40M optional

lVisual distance communication 5KM~50KM optional


The chip solution can be applied to various complex environments in line-of-sight communication and plant protection, film and television, power, weather, distribution, military and other fields.