Intelligent Industrial Factory Management Platform
Promote the production process of industrial enterprise products to the industry 4.0, reduce the cost of enterprise management
Intelligent industrial equipment control platform
Industrial equipment automation Informatization Visualization and security technology integration, reducing enterprise energy consumption and labor costs
Intelligent Industrial Maintenance Service Platform
Remotely assist in the maintenance and maintenance of industrial equipment, making industrial equipment safe, stable and efficient
Smart City Management Platform
Focus on wireless products, sensor development and production, and provide modular edge cloud computing application services for industrial Internet

Product advantages

Easy to use

Provides an easy-to-use visual analysis interface that allows users to clearly see the data they need.

Stable and reliable

Data on vehicle theft is uploaded and provided in a timely manner and provides vehicle location information and alarm information and dispatch services.

Rich service

The platform includes a vehicle management system and a vehicle positioning system.

CTUNITE vehicle intelligent anti-theft positioning security monitoring cloud platform


Business background:

According to the current traffic order management, serious vehicle theft, and electric vehicle management, the company has launched an intelligent informationization solution for the safety monitoring of the Lejia Guardian vehicle based on the Internet of Things and big data services.

Function description:

(1) The platform includes a vehicle management system and a vehicle positioning system.

(2) The vehicle management system provides information inquiry services such as vehicle status and heat map.

(3) Vehicle positioning system can provide vehicle alarm service, location inquiry service, etc.